FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses
FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses

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A Letter from Bill Meyer

November 2016

Hello Members,

It has been a long time since I have sent out a general letter, and I apologize for the delay. 2015 and 2016 have proven to be a challenge. We have struggled for quite a while with paperwork issues with Germany, which has frustrated us all. In 2015, our mentor and advocate in FPZV, Michael Bunse, took over the management of the US registration, with the hope to correct the past problems and get the registration system between the US and Germany revamped and working. Two years of struggling with incomplete and missing documents and data have finally brought us to the point where we have resolved most of the issues and the backed up registrations are beginning to come in. This task has been difficult and taken a lot of time and effort on the part of many people here and in Germany. Michael Bunse resigned as vice president of FPZV after the passing of his and our good friend Dr. George Oepert, staying on as an advisor and liaison to the US. After establishing the foundation for these changes, Michael has turned over the management of the paperwork to Ralf Schneider, the current manager of FPZV, and has now retired completely.

I want to personally thank Michael for his friendship these many years and for all the help and sweat he has provided.

As I have stated many times in the past, the members of the Board do all the work of maintaining and managing FPZV voluntarily. They receive no considerations or compensation for the difficult and time-consuming efforts necessary, and as we all have full time jobs, often have to sacrifice one thing or another to manage our lives as well as the FPZV.

We are undergoing some changes of our own here in FPZV USA. Lisa and Don Eckhardt have managed the secretarial duties since we began. Originally they planned on performing those duties on an interim basis, just a year or two. It has been much longer than that, and they have decided it is time retire as well. So beginning next month, Cassandra Adams and Pieter Franken will be taking over the arduous task of dealing with our documentation and relations with Germany. Telephone numbers and address have changed:

24310 Three Springs Road

Hemet CA, 92545

Please contact Cass or Pieter with any questions beginning Dec 1, 2016, as it will take a few weeks for them to become familiar with the files.

As everyone is aware, there was no inspection this year. After polling a number of the members this summer, it was evident that there were not enough horses requiring inspection to make it financially feasible to bring the judges over, along with the fact that we wanted to have all of the past years issues resolved before we added another layer of complications. Registration of foals will proceed normally; you can find all the necessary forms and information on our website. Adult horses such as mares that needed a test to complete their ster rating, will maintain their rating and the requirement will be postponed until the following year. We have tried for several years now to get a Stallion Performance Test arranged for the US stallions. As always, to make it financially possible, we need a minimum of five participants, and although we have had numerous individuals say they want to participate enough have not followed through to make it happen. Once again this year we will make the effort, but it is up to you members to make it happen.

Thank you all for continuing to support this magnificent breed.

Bill Meyer, President


24310 Three Springs Road

Hemet, CA 92545





Main Contact

Pieter Franken

Cassandra Adams


24310 Three Springs Rd

Hemet, CA 92545











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