FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses
FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses


Trip Report USA

The breed inspection for FPZV USA horses took place between October 3rd and October 9th, 2017. For this event, FPZV Breed Inspector Romy Althaus along with FPZV General Manager and FN Breed Inspector Ralf Schneider flew in from Germany.

Mares, 2-year-old mares, and stallions were inspected at Donida Farm Equestrian Center in Auburn, WA. The mare Gailehna JRB (Tjesse 300 x Arrow of Honorbright, Owner Jolene Ahlman-Medley) completed her performance test under saddle and was awarded the status Star mare Sport with a score of 8.0. Based on his successes in Sport, the stallion Valentino JRB (Heinse 354 x Arrow of Honorbright) owned by Regine Brockway received approval status by the commission (Althaus, Schneider Franken) with a score of 8.1. The stallion Hollywood JRB (Tjesse 400 x Lutske fan Henswoulde) bred by Regine Brockway and owned by Melanie McCoury was invited to the Stallion Performance Test. Site winner of the Washington Site Inspection was the 2 year old full sister to Hollywood JRB, Zeta JRB (Tjesse 400 x Lutske fan Henswoulde), bred by Regine Brockway and owned by Kelly Neu. This mare impressed with her correct build as well as her very good gaits.

The second Inspection was in Hemet, California. Foals and yearlings were inspected with temperatures up to 35ᵒ C (95ᵒ F) in the shade. Among the yearlings, Anoushka of Valor Farm (Wimer 461 x Dolce Deja Vue, Breeders and Owners: Pieter Franken and Cassandra Adams) set herself apart from the rest. This noble yearling’s floating trot received a trot score of 9. Among the foals, Dom Deniro of Valour Farm (Wylster 463 x Always Shashay, Breeders and Owners: Pieter Franken and Cassandra Adams) set himself apart with a total score of 8.43. With this score, the typey and correct stud colt gained a 0.02-point lead over Zeta JRB and became the Overall Champion of the Inspection Tour.

Overall, all Friesians presented showed a very high quality and were presented with a lot of passion and knowledge. The FPZV would like to thank Pieter Franken for the organization and execution of the Inspection Tour.



2017 Keuring Results


Wregalia CR         2015 Mare         Score : 7.72       2nd Premie

Zeta JRB               2015 Mare         Score : 8.41       1st Premie           Reserve Champion Tour 2017

Yolanda JRB        2015 Mare         Score : 7.77       2nd Premie

Francesca JRB     2017 Filly           Score : 8.03      1st Premie

Hollywood JRB    2010 Stallion    Score : 8.07      1st Premie

Gailehna                2010 Mare        Score : 8.03       1st Premie + Star Testing under saddle         Score: 8.4

Valentino JRB      2006 Stallion   Score : 8.31        1st Premie

VALENTINO IS NOW APPROVED STALLION FPZV based on Performance in Dressage !!!!!


Cross Bred Friesians:

My Valentine GB      2017 Filly          Score : 8.14          1st Premie

Final Countdown      2017 Colt          Score: 8.15            1st Premie



Anouska of Valour Farm      2015 Filly        Score : 8.27            1st Premie

Adore of Valour Farm           2015 Filly        Score : 8.11             1st Premie

Diesel von Valour Farm        2017 Colt         Score : 8.21            1st Premie

Dom Dinero von Valour Farm      2017 Colt        Score : 8.43        1st Premie         Champion Tour 2017

Faust                                        2017 Colt          Score : 8.19            1st Premie


Cross Bred Friesians:

Harley von Valour Farm              2017 Colt             Score : 8.0               1st Premie

Harlequin von Valour Farm        2017 Colt             Score : 8.09             1st Premie

Hope’s Dream                                 2017 Filly           Score : 7.70              2nd Premie

Luna Di Zen                                    2015 Mare          Score : 8.17               1st Premie          Star testing under saddle

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